Musician | Educator | Content Creator

Known for his unorthodox and innovative method in hand drums, Shawn is one of Youtube's most prominent contemporary percussionists with over 2 million hits. He is the first South-East-Asian endorsed artist for De Gregorio cajons from Spain.

An active music performer, educator, content creator and and audio post engineer since 2001, Shawn's experience include performing with Youtube sensations Sungha Jung, David Choi, Tiffany Alvord and Jason Chen for their sold-out shows in Singapore and Australia, working with award winning Singapore artistes Kit Chan, Tay Kewei, The Freshmen, Bevlyn Khoo, Serene Koong and Shi Xinhui, sound designing for international broadcast, OKTO channel and local theatre productions such as Chestnuts and December Rain, and leading the music department in his home church as technical head and chief musician.

Shawn plays the drumset, djembe, cajon, guitar and bass. His musical influences are plenty, but he constantly draws inspiration from Earth, Wind and Fire, Dreamtheater, Neri Per Caso, Kozo Suganuma and David Tao. He has an Honour's degree in audio production and is expected to graduate with a Master's degree in digital media in 2014. Shawn's research interests include the creative and pedagogical aspects of music performance and edutainment.


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